Data Warehousing

  • Data is the first thing that we need to benefit from BI platforms. You have to know which data should be stored? Data model is healthy or not?
  • Also you have to know which data should be historical? What type historical data should be kept? How often data should be updated?
  • Data is coming from different sources. Target data sets are integrated or not? Who knows organization of data?
  • Architecture of DWH should make you use reporting,Olap analysis, data mining efficiently. Is ODS layer necessary? Is metadata layer necessary? What is OLAP?
  • All questions have to be enlightened by the expertise. Binova is proficient in developing models in regards to sector based Data Warehouse, Datamart, OLAP and Data Mining.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

  • Binova enable corporate users to make better business decisions through the usage of large data via BI and analytics. Success is based on advances techniques such as predictive models as well as analytic reports, dashboards, scorecards and analytic applications.
  • Customer analytics, sales analytics, product analytics, campaign analytics, operation analytics, channel analytics are critical points before business decisions.
  • Binova consultants' extensive experience and knowledge of the most popular Business Intelligence tools and technologies such as Oracle, SAP, SAS, IBM, Qlikview enables us to create fully functional systems while respecting the customer’s tool preferences.

Data Quality Solutions

  • Data quality is essential, but the level of quality and the related investment depends on an understanding of business and investment priorities.
  • High-quality data must be complete, timely, accurate, consistent, relevant and reliable.Health process is start with data integrity.Also,data profiling gathers actionable and measurable information about its quality.
  • Business resources are critical to provide context and insight into potential data anomalies. After comparison resources, data cleansing is a continuous process that requires corrective actions throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Finally, Binova bring solution to check data consistency between different data sources as well and this solution can be used in datawatehousing, data migration projects and master data verification needs.

Advisory & Outsourcing

  • Binova has become as an important player in business intelligence area with its in depth comparative experience. Binova can run a number of projets from different sectors.
  • Also our highest ranking consultants with extensive experience support some projects as an outsource resource in IT departments.